Kevin Cote
Carson City, NV
Why MHH?
Learning about the incredible mission of the organization was eye-opening, but getting a chance to hear impactful stories and meet inspiring scholarship recipients made me want to get personally involved and help in whatever small ways I can.
Hero Strengths
Gratitude, optimism, connection
Hero Weaknesses
Spreading myself thin, being too optimistic
How do you define success?
Success means optimizing your own potential in every facet of life, while also maintaining balance, and being able to say you are truly proud of what you've accomplished and who you are
Passions / Hobbies
Coaching my kids' you sports teams, playing basketball and golf
Profession and how you help people
Sports technology and social media. I am passionate about the ways sports can serve as 'the great unifier' in society, and I truly enjoy demonstrating how social media can be used for good, especially as it relates to social good.