Danny Heinsohn

Whatever it takes

Reno, NV
Why MHH?
As the founder of MHH and survivor of brain cancer, the foundation embodies the core of what gets us through tough times - Community. We need each other to succeed. It was those who were there for me at the time of my diagnosis and treatment that gave me strength. They were my heroes, my motivators and my reason to show up everyday.
Hero Strengths
Creative, high-energy, community focused, motivational speaker, mission driven, marketer
Hero Weaknesses
Sports, Music Festivals, National Parks, Lake Tahoe, Adventure Travel
How do you define success?
When people come together to take action toward a common goal
Passions / Hobbies
Getting lost in Mother Nature, reading, writing, creating
Profession and how you help people
Keynote Speaker, B2B Sales Leader - Helping teams and individuals reach new heights through conscious planning and purpose-driven actions