Brian Anderson

If you are going through Hell, keep going. Some of life's most valuable moments are created through navigating hardships.

Houston, TX
Why MHH?
I am a cancer survivor, and love the organization's mission. I had cancer during my college years and love that I can be a part of an organization that gives back in the way MHH does.
Hero Strengths
I am a cancer survivor, that also manages a community business, which has a wide reach within the community, as well as brings strong resources to MHH.
Hero Weaknesses
Love Music and Sports, which can be a time consumer for me.
How do you define success?
Making an impact in your industry and the community around you, by being the best at what you do and having pride in your accomplishments.
Passions / Hobbies
I am passionate about, a good glass of whiskey, dark beer, music of all kinds and sports.
Profession and how you help people
I manage Granite Construction Supply and Sign Shop, which helps contractors and businesses in the Northern Nevada area build infrastructure.