“Your Donation, is their Future”


The Fund A Future Donation program is a way anyone can help cancer survivors with their futures by helping fund a survivor’s higher education. My Hometown Heroes is dedicated to providing as many scholarships as possible to cancer survivors, and we need heroes like all of you to make it happen. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, or a streaming service subscription you can be a hero that effects an education, life, and Future. Be the Hero.

  • Hero Donation $5.50 Reoccurring Monthly Donation (Less than the cost your daily latte can change lives)
  • Decade Club Donation $10.00 Reoccurring Monthly Donation (Give a survivor a leg up on their education and celebrate 10 years of MHH Funding Futures.)
  • 2020 Vision Club $20.20 Reoccurring Monthly Donation (Looking forward to Funding more scholarships and changing more lives, your monthly donation goes a long way)
  • Milestone Club $100.00 Reoccurring Monthly Donation (Celebrating Life, Friends, Family and the Milestones that bring us together as a Community. Your monthly donation is invaluable.)
  • Become A Hero $??? Reoccurring Monthly Donation (Become a Hero with any monthly donation amount you feel comfortable with. Heroes come in all sizes.)

To fund a future today click the button below.





Do you seek a platform to express your graphic design skills and digital creativity?
Are you looking to build more depth for your marketing resume?
Do you want to better understand digital and social media marketing?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then My Hometown Heroes would like present an opportunity to accomplish all 3 through our Social Media Academy.

For an entire semester take the lead on developing and deploying a real life marketing campaign.


  • Work alongside an experienced digital marketer to develop a social media and content strategy
  • Build brand presence through blogging, graphics design, and content distribution
  • Coordinates posting schedule with our strategy and event team
  • Build Facebook, Instagram and Twitter following

*Base knowledge in graphic design, content writing, and journalism is preferred



Are you a past MHH Scholarship recipient, or family or friend of an MHH recipient?
Has the mission and stories of MHH inspired you?
Do you want to give back?

If the answer is yes to at least 2 of these 3 questions, then we need you!

My Hometown Heroes is rapidly growing and a little bit of your help will go a long way. We are seeking at least 1 ambassador in each time zone to help us make an impact in your region and spread the word about My Hometown Heroes initiatives.

Here are some areas we could use your help…

  • E-mail and share MHH important dates and initiatives among your community. For example:
    • Share links to apply for the MHH scholarship
    • Share links and engage people in your community who would like to be a part of the scholarship review process
    • Engage with interested parties to share links to sign up for one of our programs such as the Scholar Squad Challenge, Champions Network or Pacesetters
  • If you work for a company who supports employee favorite charities, position My Hometown Heroes as a beneficiary for one of your company events or initiatives
  • Garner donations for MHH swag such as an all-weather buff, dry-fit arm sleeves or wine tumbler



Join the SCHOLAR SQUAD and sponsor a My Hometown Heroes scholarship. When you complete your fundraising mission, you will have an opportunity to connect with the recipient who benefited from your dedication and generosity.

What is the SCHOLAR SQUAD?

A coalition of individuals, groups, survivors and corporations, each dedicated to raise a minimum of $1,500 in a calendar year.

How does it work?

By joining the SCHOLAR SQUAD you have the freedom to choose how you wish to make an impact. Do something you enjoy while raising scholarship money at the same time.

Some suggestions include (but not limited to):

  • Train for a marathon
  • Golf tournament
  • Bake sale
  • Silent auction
  • Art show
  • Monthly installments

How to join?

Contact us today and we will put you on the fast track to success. Hit us up on Facebook or e-mail, [email protected]

We will coordinate a call to answer any questions you may have and debrief you on the support we will provide to help ensure your success.

For starters, your commitment will also be recognized with a listing on our newsletter, social media shout-outs, and a signed copy of MHH founder’s book (For A Reason).



Resources for young adult cancer survivor scholarships and other forms of financial aid are out there. In addition to applying for a My Hometown Heroes scholarship opportunity we also recommend you seek out these resources to increase your chances of receiving college financial aid.




While the mission of My Hometown Heroes is to help bridge the gap between cancer and college, the Champions Network is designed to bridge the gap between college and career.

Every year college bound cancer survivors, from across the country, apply for the My Hometown Heroes scholarship. If they are selected, scholarship allocations are between $1000 and $5000 each. However, when there isn’t enough to go around for a given semester, we have a growing network of career mentors to help facilitate professional development before college graduation.

In other words career mentors can help scholarship candidates better prepare for a job opportunities before they graduate.


Candidates of the My Hometown Heroes scholarship are categorized by the career they aspire to. The 6 primary career demographics include – Business (Marketing, Communications, PR), Education (Liberal Arts, Undecided), Construction (Engineering, Architecture, Trade), Health Care, Life Sciences, and Social Services/Wellness.

Minimum requirement to become a Champion Mentor…

  1. Must review 2 rounds of scholarship candidates. Each round has between 14 and 15 candidates. One round is in alignment to your profession, the second round is arbitrary. Each candidate round takes up to 1 to 1.5 hours to review and score.
  2. When you have submitted your review scores, you are eligible to become a Champion Mentor.
  3. While reviewing scholarship candidates, take note on who’s story resonates most with you to help determine who you want to mentor.
  4. Submit your top 3 choices to MHH and we will align you with a scholarship candidate that could benefit from your expertise.
  5. MHH will make the connection between you and the scholarship candidate. From there, you coordinate a time to connect. You and the scholarship candidate will determine the frequency you wish to stay in contact from there.

This program has enormous potential where you can connect and make an impact with a scholarship candidate locally, or a few time zones away. We thank you for your consideration and are open to your feedback and recommendations as this program evolves.


SPORTS EXECUTIVES IN MOTION is a My Hometown Heroes initiative designed to help bridge the gap between cancer and college, one scholarship at a time. Through the passions of sports industry friends, we play golf, tailgate, run marathons, speak inspirationally, and take center court to help fund scholarships.

Learn more and visit


Whether you’re stepping onto the field, court, green, track, trail, or board room, you have the freedom to choose how you wish to make an impact. Choose to initiate your own campaign or contribute to an existing effort.

Impact levels begin at $1,500 to fund the first scholarship.

$2,500 funds 2 scholarships
$5,000 funds 4 scholarships
$10,000 funds 7 scholarships

When you reach your fundraising goal, you will have an opportunity to personally connect to the scholarship recipient(s) who benefited from your efforts and generosity.

Each impact level has its own set of own baseline benefits beginning with a dedicated (customized) fundraising page, social media recognition, and branded merchandise.

Details of benefits can be found here

My Hometown Heroes is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Together, we help bridge the gap between cancer and college, one scholarship at a time.