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Recipient Profile - Garrett

 MHH Recipient Profile - GARRETT
College of Enrollment:
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV
Electrical Engineering
Projected Graduation Semester and Year
Fall 2015
Current age and age upon graduation: 
Currently age 21.  Will be 23 when graduated.
Baseball, Surfing, Motorcycles, Learning, and Applied Learning.
Hero Powers
Caring, Friendly, Problem-solver, and Determined.
Dogs, Cartoons, Pot-stickers and Video Games.
Top 3 life goals:
Have enough money to provide for my family, contribute new technology to society, and reciprocate the generosity I have received to future cancer fighters/survivors.
Where do you see yourself 5 years after graduation:
  In five years I see myself living in San Diego, working on the cutting edge of new technology in the computer industry.  
Garrett - Ocean.jpg


Biggest Take-away(s) from your cancer experience:  
Everything in life can be achieved with the right mind-set and attitude. 
Advice for other young adult cancer survivors:  
Don’t let your illness define who you are.  Achieve what you want out of life and don’t let anything stop you.  
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