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Payton Bogert



Oviedo, FL

College of Enrollment
University of Florida

Biology with Pre-med

Projected Graduation Semester and Year
Spring 2022

Current age and age upon graduation: 


Neuroblastoma IV Survivor, indefatigable, relentless determination, driven to succeed, advocator for myself and others

All things sweet, cats and dogs, Broadway Musicals, sitting still

I am an explorer and always seeking new places, from a new restaurant in town or a new city in a far off place I am intrigued by unique experiences .  I know that this world is full of wonderful opportunities both big and small and I am determined to experience everything I can.  I also love to hang out with friends and family during my down time.  One of my greatest passions up to this point has been school.  While a lot of teenagers don't enjoy school I have found great pleasure in learning.  I enjoy both learning through traditional methods as well as through exploration.  I am a seeker of knowledge and find that my travels have aided in helping to expand my world views and have helped me to better visualize many of the topics discussed in classroom settings . Traveling has helped me to dive into new cultures and customs and from that my foundation just continues to grow and I am able to amass an even greater understanding of our world.

Top 3 life goals (places you’d like to visit, things you want to do, etc.)

  1. Become a pediatric oncologist
  2. Travel-top destinations: Cambodia, Thailand, Iceland, Russia
  3. Create a positive change in the world and leave a mark for future generations



Biggest take-away(s) from your cancer experience.

Life is precious

A majority of people are innately kind and helpful; look to them for help and love.

There is no greater feeling than knowing your family is there supporting you and cheering you on during each and every step in this journey of life.


Words to live by
Seize every opportunity because the worst thing that can happen is rejection.