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Reboot for Sustainability

REBOOT For Sustainability
A message from MHH Founder, Danny Heinsohn

Since 2011, MHH has awarded scholarships to 37 college bound survivors from across the United States for a total of $45,000.  Until this year our foundation has operated on a shoestring budget and a shoe string of volunteers.  In October of 2015 I made a choice to leave my corporate job of 13+ years for two reasons.  

  1. To build a sustainable infrastructure for My Hometown Heroes.
  2. To develop a speaking business to share our message and programs, and to inspire the masses.

My Hometown Heroes was created from a labor of love in 2010 to celebrate my 10th year of brain cancer remission and competing in Ironman Canada.  We gave away more than we could invest in the growth of the foundation.  In order to create a higher impact and award more scholarships to amazing young adult survivors we needed to create an infrastructure for sustainablity.  This is what we've done in 2016 to achieve that:

1.  We created a Communications Assistant position who will act as the primary conduit between the MHH Board, our recipients, all applicants, and inquiries through the website.  This will enable our executive director and board to focus on growing the foundation rather than maintaining it.  

2.  We have developed voluntary marketing positions among our recipients for an opportunity to develop their resumes.  Beginning in 2017, nearly all of the social media content will be curated and posted by our recipients.  It's also great opportunity to express their creativity and develop their skill sets.

3.  In 2015 we launched a program called the SCHOLAR SQUAD Challenge.  The SCHOLAR SQUAD is a coalition of groups, individuals or businesses that are dedicated to sponsoring a future recipient by way of raising a minimum of $1000 in a calendar year.  We have awarded 7 scholarships as a direct result of this program.  This is an ongoing effort.

4.  MHH website overhaul.  Yes it's been 4+ years since we've upgraded our website and we are in the process of scaling up our game so it's mobile responsive and operates at a higher level of performance.  Target launch date:  January 31, 2017.

We've hit the REBOOT button.

Please take note:

The 2017 MHH scholarship application process will be open from December 1, 2016 through February 15, 2017.  Announcements will be made via e-mail and our social media channels.  Recipients will be determined by mid-June.  

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