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Increase Your Chances to Earn an MHH Scholarship



If you were to apply for a job, would you prepare to win or would you go through the motions and hope for the best?  

Applying for a scholarship is much like applying for a job.  The more prestigious the position the more competition you may be up against.  You may have the most amazing story and be the most qualified candidate on paper, but if your presentation falls flat then so do your chances of receiving the position.

The quality of your responses, or lack thereof, in the MHH application process will have a strong influence on our selection committee.  To increase your chances of earning an MHH scholarship consider the following...

  • Be authentic, thoughtful and thorough with your responses.
  • Ask friends and colleagues for feedback on your responses before submitting the application.
  • Get to the point.  Be clear, concise and consistent with your answers.  
  • Are you a steward for a cause?  Tells us why.
  • Are you an agent of change?  Tell us how. 
  • Social Proof.  If you have content such as a blog, news articles or Facebook page, by all means, please share the links.
  • Include awards and past honors you may have received.  Tell us what you did to earn it.

The Fall 2019 MHH application process will be open from November 15, 2018 through February 1, 2019.  Announcements will be made via e-mail and our social media channels. Recipients will be determined by mid-June.  

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