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From The Founder - January 2016

01/22/2016 7:41 PM -

From 2011 through 2015, My Hometown Heroes has awarded scholarship money to 26 college bound cancer survivors from across the country. 

Until the Fall of 2015, there was no infrastructure for sustainability for MHH.  Over 80% of the money raised was distributed to its scholarship recipients, while the other 20% was used for operations and branding.  MHH operated as a labor of love through volunteer hours and the generosity of a handful of donors. 

However, in order for MHH to grow and survive it needs to create sustainability.  The goal of 2016 is to create the infrastructure for sustainability, and these are the steps we have been taking since summer of 2015:

  • MHH doubled the size of its board to 14 members, with plans to add another 6 to 8 by the end of Q3 2016.
  • MHH Founder and Executive Director left his corporate job of 13+ years in October 2015 to build sustainability for MHH, and utilizes his speaking platform to promote awareness and fundraising activities.
  • MHH developed a membership affinity program called the Scholar Squad ™ – a coalition of individuals, groups or companies dedicated to raising a minimum of $1000 each within a calendar year.
  • As of January 2016, MHH is developing a marketing strategy to align the community with our brand and objectives.

In a recent survey sent to our recipients, I asked the question, "If you were the CEO of My Hometown Heroes, what would you improve and why?"  

And these were some of the answers…

  • Improve the avenues by which I can potentially engage with the organization while maintaining my status as a full time student.
  • Improve the overall message and inclusion of previous award recipients to give back which would help market and grow the knowledge of MHH.
  • Form a Google drive that allows recipients to interact with each other about ideas and ways to improve the foundation.
  • I would improve marketing and get the word out there. I personally wear the MHH t-shirt when I work out so that gets some recognition out there, but maybe join events that you can give out goodies to and start spreading the word.


We hear you and we will have updates in our next installment of the MHH newsletter this spring.

Until then, we are grateful for all of our community supporters.  The scholarship application process will be open from February 1 through April 30.


Danny Heinsohn
Founder/Executive Director

See Danny's TED talk on survivorship and his reason for starting My Hometown Heroes, here.