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CASE STUDY - Cancer Demographic Among Young Adults

04/27/2015 5:47 PM -

A blog by Jennie, our 2015 Spring Intern on the young adult cancer demographic.

Over 69,000 young adults between the ages of 15-39 were diagnosed with cancer in 2011. According to leukemia, lymphoma, testicular cancer, and thyroid cancer are the most common type of cancer amongst the young adult population, the ages range from 15 through 24.

The cancer survival percentage from 1992-2010 in the young adult community over a five year period is over 70%, and that is depending on their ethnicity. Below is a chart provided by with more in depth statistics, the data was collected by the SEER program.

According to the lack of health insurance and financial assistance are some of the barriers young adults with cancer face, and they do not receive the treatment required within the first few years of being diagnosed due to it. This is because young adults have the tough decision of having to pay off their education bills versus their medical bills.  For those who do have insurance, many still aren’t covered, because many places don’t cover treatments for the terminally ill. It is a difficult period of struggle both financially and mentally for the young adult cancer patients.

MHH understands the difficulties young cancer patients have to go through, and that is why they love to provide these young adults with the opportunity to receive a scholarship.

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