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2015 Spring Assistance

04/10/2015 3:23 PM -

At My Hometown Heroes, we believe in creating opportunities to help others succeed.  In addition to awarding scholarships, we have also instituted an intern program to enable undergrads to gain practical experience and build their resume.  We are proud to introduce our second intern to the foundation. 

If you want to know who's been posting all that great content on Facebook and Twitter, well you are about to.  Meet Jennie Villalba, a senior from the University of Nevada who will be graduating this spring...


My name is Jennie Villalba and I am the intern for My Hometown Heroes for this Spring. I was born in Chicago, IL; I lived there for about 11 years. I am currently a student at the University of Nevada, Reno and I will be graduating this Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and minor in Digital Media. When I am done with school I will pursue my business in photography, web design. I am married and I have three kids (my pets); I have two dogs and one cat. A few of my personal goals are to travel to at least five different countries, do more volunteer work in animal shelters, be more active, and play tennis again.

What I would like to accomplish while working for My Hometown Heroes is to continue to post on social media constantly, and get as many likes as possible on the things I post. This should hopefully help the page get more viewers, and help the page get shared more as well. By the end of this internship I would like to feel more confident writing blogs, gain more experience posting on social media everyday, and make new connections.

What I would like to learn through My Hometown Heroes is how to use MailChimp. This is something that is used by a lot of organizations, and I feel like it will be helpful to know more about it.